Era Developments

This is a dynamic world that teaches us to adapt, to evolve, to aim higher, to take a step further, and to enjoy life. We do not just offer property, we offer property solutions, we are able to understand the true needs of our clients, and we are always motivated by the everlasting customer satisfaction.


As we are on our journey of constant evolving, we are to take a step into the 6th of October, We are not just another property provider, our eyes can see a much brighter future in the 6th we are the ones who will reshape it like never before.
Because we understand the needs of our clients, we also understand how to utilize the benefits of the 6th of October area and insert them into our vision so that we can provide these smart property solutions


To realize our dreams, we aim to increase the projects we are doing; we aim to leave bigger footprints behind us. We want to provide future projects tailored for every need that our clients have.